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An Art Affair is currently accepting applications for its
We Believe in You!  
  An Art Affair Grant  
  of $500     
  Entry deadline is
  January 29, 2010.
  Offer has expired ..and we are sad to say there were NO applications...we do not know why???????There was some interest expressed but no follow through...Perhaps someone can explain why to us..........?

Information was sincere...offer was sent locally and world wide  
Call to Artists
We believe that, to truly support the artist, an investment must be made by both the collector as well as the artist. The collector trusts in the value and potential of the artist and the artist trusts in these same things in the collector. This tentative mutual trust forms a bond, and is guarantee toward a lasting commitment and a continued shared value.
We will put our money where our mouth is
WE Believe in You!                 
$500 --An Art Affair Grant
1st  Quarterly Award
Deadline - January 29, 2010

Set the World on Fire

Geez Louise'


 Also the WINNER  and

1st and 2nd runners up will all receive

a slide show link valued at $50 to help promote their work.

(click on above link  to view such a slide show)

 Or to purchase a slide show link  check out info at

Please go to the How To Enter page for information on applying for the grant.

Additional information  is also available by contacting us at