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an online juried exhibition
an online international gallery-without-walls. ........

An Art Affair in Thin Air
You'll love what you find there!

An Art Affair is currently accepting applications for its 
$500.00 An Art Affair Grant
1st  Quarterly Award
Entry deadline is January 29, 2010 .

Theme ........... We Believe in You!

Benefits for having your work displayed on An Art Affair :
We believe is that to truly support art and the artist, an investment must be made by both the collector and the artist.
Collectors must trust in the value and potential of the artist and the artist must trust the same qualities in the collector. This tentative mutual trust forms a bond, and is guarantee toward a lasting commitment and a continued shared value which is mutually beneficial to both sides.

All accepted artists and their works are posted on the site during the appropriate exhibition, then archived on the site for future visitors.
When a gallery, company or individual is interested in an artist's work their information will be forwarded via email to that artist.
Also, as an online source, An Art Affair audience is limitless, allowing the exhibitions to reach both the art industry and general public.

An Art Affair uses online and direct marketing methods to promote the exhibitions and artists to galleries, art consultants, interior designers, art organizations and art buyers worldwide.
Slide show links  are available to help promote their work.